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"What to do When the Police Leave"
A Guide to the First Days of Traumatic Loss

Author, Bill Jenkins
WBJ Press
Box 28382, Richmond, VA  23228
U.S. $10.95/CAN $16.95

In time of tragedy involving the loss of a loved one, life is irrevocably changed.   Disbelief may initially occur, even the expectation of waking up from a bad dream.

Bill Jenkins has provided us with a blueprint, which can help survivors rebuild their lives.  Only someone who has experienced a personal tragedy could be so effective in providing this kind of support and guidance to survivors.

This straightforward book suggests helpful ways to deal with countless responsibilities, details and obligations that may seem overwhelming and stressful. 

There are many varied and sometimes complex ways to deal with grief.  How to get help with insurance an compensation claims, legal matters, etc., these can all seem overwhelming.  Helpful organizations are available, and addresses and phone numbers are listed in the back of the book.

The chaper on "Children and Grief" suggests ways to talk to children about death.  We are reminded that children grieve too, in different ways.

Homicides, suicides, and tragic accidents leave everyone with an unfathomable amount of grief and hopelessness.  Reading "What to do When the Police Leave," can give the help you need to carry on, when there is no other place to turn.

Reviewed by Bob Wallace, P.I.O.

The above text is excerpted in its entiretly from Chief of Police Magazine.  All copyrights and licenses remain the property of the publisher.

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