Our Friends

If you have a moment, please take a look at websites of
some of our friends and supporters.

The Official Patricia Cornwell Experience -- Ms. Cornwell's overwhelmingly positive support and assistance to help get the word out about What to do When the Police Leave is greatly appreciated.

Susan Greenbaum -- A rare musical talent whose music has come to be a comfort and a joy to my wife and me, and many others.   Her albums are now available at her very own website.  Her songs are real treasures.  They tell a story with an ease and grace that pulls the listener in time and again, and her voice will stir your soul.  We are honored to have her as a friend.

Fight Crime:  Invest in Kids -- A coordinated advisory committee limited to 500 members nationwide.  Author, Bill Jenkins has accepted an invitation to become a member of this worthy organization whose members include leading police chiefs, sheriffs, prosecutors, crime survivors, and leaders of police officer organizations across the country.

Tink Boord-Dill Needlework -- A colleague and close friend with extensive experience as a set designer and scenic artist, Tink now designs beautifully painted canvases for needlework projects. 

Virginians Against Handgun Violence -- When it comes right down to it, we are all for the same thing, the differences lie in how to go about effecting change, and what economic impact on the gun industry we are willing to allow.  VAHV is a sensible and caring group of people committed to lessening the violence in our communities by working for greater gun safety and awareness.

Kota Press -- Some sensitive materials dealing with infant loss and other hopeful titles.  They also publish some great original poetry in an online journal format.

Shark Advocates -- No, not the marine animal, Stop Hit And Run Killers.  My friends, Teri and Jenny Bono in Atlanta are working as victims of a hit and run driver to help others.



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