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William's Life and Photo Gallery

Early Years
Teen Years
The Crime

William's Room

William's Interests,  Links, and Artwork


William's Memorials

Information on Some of the Other Memorials Dedicated To William's Memory
(Come See the Daylily)

News Reports

Text of the News Stories Surrounding William's Murder and the Trials.

Bereavement and Grief

An Extensive List of Links and Information
on Sites Useful to Grieving Teens and Adults

Victim Rights
Grief and Family Support
Organizations Related To Gun Violence
Bulletin Boards and Chats

Memorial Scholarship Information

Information on the Memorial Scholarship Funds

Other Memorial Sites

Links to Other Memorial Sites on the Web.  You May Submit Your Own Memorial Site To Your Loved One Here, As Well

Bill's Scribblings

Published and Unpublished Articles Written by Me   Regarding My Own Grief and Sense of Loss. 

Talks and Writings
Selected Newsgroup Posts
Journal Entries

Two Short Fictions

A "Letter of Demonic Advice" in the style of C. S. Lewis' The Screwtape Letters
regarding the loss of a child and a short story I'd like to believe could come true.

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WBJ Press

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Information on our book.

WBJ Press
Online Bibliography

More Resources and Materials for Bereaved Families

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Bereavement, Victims Rights
Grief Resources
On and Off the Web

Bulletin Boards and Chats


Online Grief Support Chat

Many websites and internet providers sponser online chatrooms for grieving families.   Some meet at scheduled times, some are open 24 hours and participants just drop in to see if anyone else is there.  Those associated with established organizations often have a facilitator who monitors and participates in the discussions and enforces group etiquette. Newsgroup

[A Usenet newsgroup designed to enable those who grieve from the loss of a loved one to communicate with and support each other. No professionals here, just people helping people from personal experience. Accessible through a provider’s newsgroup reader, or by going to:]

America On-Line Customers

Keyword: Thrive
[Look under Thrive Guide, look under HEALTH for several programs on Death, Dying and Loss. A message board system is set up much like the above newsgroup, but with several related services, and divided up into categories for different kinds of loss. This group is under the administration of AOL staff who monitor the content. Two real-time chat sessions are available each week, although it takes some getting used to, and fairly competent typing skill to participate in the conversations.]

Keyword: Online Psych
[Look under Grief. Many articles available for reading. Message boards like above available.]

Keyword: Betterhealth
[More illness and disease oriented, but there is are regularly scheduled Compassionate Friends real-time chats throughout the week, and a Parents of Murdered Children real-time chat each week.]

Other well-developed online service providers may also have several proprietary sites dealing with these topics. Contact your provider for more information and direction.

Websites which have chat services are noted in the Victim and Family Support area of this section. Among them are:

  • Concerned Counseling Online
  • Groww
  • Grief, Loss, and Recovery
  • The Bereavement Education Center
  • Growth House

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Books and literature which we have found helpful in our time of grief and transition.
If you would like to add to this list, please let us know.

Please see also the Online Bibliography for the book
What to do When the Police Leave:
A Guide to the First Days of Traumatic Loss

on the WBJ Press section of this website.

  • The Holy Bible. Various translations and versions are available, my favorite contemporary version is the New International Version. I find it ironic that so many people turn to contemporary sources for guidance and information on the way the universe works, an afterlife, and spirituality, when it is all right here in front of our very noses, and has been for centuries. Far from being outdated, the Bible is a timeless source of inspiration, strength, and information on the past, present, and future. No contemporary source of revelation has even come close to the revealed truths of the authorized prophets of God.
    - Recommended sections are: Genesis; Exodus; The Psalms - 19, 23, 63, 100, 103, 121, and of course others; The Book of Job; The first half of the Book of Daniel; The Book of Matthew (especially chapters 5-7, Jesus' Sermon on the Mount.), The Book of John; The Letters of Paul and others to the early churches (commonly known as the Epistles)
  • A Grief Observed. C. S. Lewis. Several editions and printings available. Probably the most important book on grief and faith ever written from the journals kept by Lewis following the death of his wife, Joy.
  • Letters To Malcolm, Chiefly on Prayer. C. S. Lewis. Several of the letters in this little book deal with grief some time after the event. In addition, many of Lewis' non-fiction works, Miracles, The Problem of Pain, Surprised by Joy, and many others are extraordinarily valuable resources of inspiration, thoughts on faith, and putting faith into practice in our world today. I highly recommend them all.
  • The Practice of the Presence of God. Brother Lawrence. A remarkable little book dealing with the presence of God in our lives, and living with that presence to its fullest every day.
  • Mothers Against Drunk Driving has some excellent literature on grief, children, traumatic loss, among others. Please contact your local chapter for information on how to obtain these very valuable booklets.
  • His Name is Ron: Our Search for Justice. By the family of Ron Goldman, dealing with the family's sense of loss following Ron's murder.
  • Lament for a Son. Nicholas Wolterstorff. A very moving journal of a father's grief after the loss of his son to a mountain climbing accident.
  • The End of Life Series - National Public Radio.
    A remarkable ongoing series on the end of life with additional resources and transcripts available. Features a superb bibliography.
  • The Natural Death Handbook. The Natural Death Center. Complete text of this very important British publication is available at The Global Ideas Bank site: along with the complete texts of a variety of other very helpful articles, books, and journals. Chapter 8 deals specifically with Grief and Bereavement.

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