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On this section of the website we will post the names, pictures, stories, and any other information the families wish to post of all murder victims in Illinois.

KEY TO NAMES of Photos of Murder Victims on the Front Page: Victoria Larson

Left to Right: William Benjamin Jenkins, Age 16, shot in the robbery of a fast-food restaurant on his second day of work (son of IllinoisVictims.Org co-founder Bill Jenkins);  Nancy Bishop Langert with her husband and their baby, all shot in Winnetka in 1990 by a thrill-killer who just wanted to see what it felt like to shoot someone (sister of Jennifer Bishop Jenkins co founder of IllinoisVictims.Org); young hero Blair Holt of Julian High School who was shot saving a girl on a Chicago school bus (Son of Ron Holt and Annette Nance Holt, IV.Org members and founders of Purpose Over Pain); Chicago Police Officer Kenneth Kaner killed in the line of duty, leaving a widow and young children, by an offender still eligible for agonizing annual parole reviews before 1978 (Father of Kurt and Kim, IllinoisVictims.Org members); Renee Olumbuni Rondeau, stabbed in a robbery near Loyola (Daughter of Gordon and Elaine Rondeau, IV.Org members and founders of the National Coalition of Victims in Action); Victoria Larson, daughter of IV Board Member Dora Larson (raped and murdered at age 10 by a parolee); Ruben Pulido, 13, a very good and promising young man shot by roving gang members while playing with his friend on his front porch (son and brother of members in the Pulido family); Young musician Terrell Bosley, murdered while leaving a church, unloading his musical instruments, son of Tommy and Pam Bosley; Winnebago County Sheriff's Deputy Mike Mayborne shot in the line of duty whose killer also faces annual parole reviews (Husband of IllinoisVictims.Org President Terry Mayborne); Honor Student Starkesia Reed shot in her living room while waiting for her school bus (Daughter of Denise Reed, IV.Org member); Kevin Clewer, a Cold Case - help solve it!

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Here you will find a few links to outside websites that have memorial pages for those whose life has been cut short by murder - please send us other sites that we can link to: where there are many other memorial sites linked - where anyone in the nation can create a Free Tributes Web Page for their loved ones, shot and injured or killed

Parents of Murdered Children

Renee Olumbuni Rondeau Peace Foundation


Statue built in Bartlett for Slain Husband and Father of Three Children
James McNally, Husband of board member Barbara McNally

Latrisha Pruitt

 My sister-n-law Latrisha Pruitt, 26 yr old mother of 3, was murdered 11/24/07 in her home by the father of her 18 day old daughter. He then set the house on fire, while riding around in her car with her children and her body in the trunk. He is only charged with murder (not 1 st degree, not capital). No light has been shined on the fact the he has a long violent history, and had the justice system here been in place he would have been in prison serving time, not being free to murder Latrisha Pruitt.  The offender Kortney Simon, pled guilty in 2001 to 2nd degree assault , he received 1 yr probation, in 2003 he was convicted of Domestic Violence (he beat his wife and infant daughter- which by the way we knew nothing about) he served 2 yrs and 11 months in prison. He was released from prison 04/2006 with 2 years on probation/parole. Simon was again arrested 06/2007 on probation revocation for again beating his now ex-wife. He was released 08/2007 with a no contact order. Since his 2006 release from prison, he also beat, and strangled another woman, leaving her unconscious on the side of an abandoned house, when the woman can to , she got up running down the street screaming for help. When Simon saw this he ran over her with his automobile, dragging her several hundred feet knocking her thru a fence, before fleeing the scene. He permanently paralyzed this woman for the rest of her life. Simon pled guilty and was convicted of this crime 01/2008 and is currently serving a life with parole sentence in Donaldson Correctional facility in Bessemer Alabama as he is awaiting trial for the murder of Latrisha Pruitt. What we don't understand, is that if he was on parole, when he again beat his ex-wife, why did he not go back to prison to serve out the rest of his term? Ok, well even if he didn't go back for that then why when committed the attempted murder offense why was he not sent back to prison, or at least not given a bond given his violent history? This is a complete injustice to us all. From what I understand, even had he not had such a violent past, had he never been in trouble before, the act of murdering Latrisha then setting her home on fire should make him eligible to be charged with capital murder... We are turning to you for help in this case... Please, anything you can do would be such a blessing to our family. I am her sister-n-law, I am married to her oldest brother James. We are just beside ourselves trying to get justice in her case... Latrisha's twin brother is lost without her, her children are now separated, the oldest two (ages 7 and 5 are with their father) Her newborn infant is with her brother and I... Losing her is beyond words... Latrisha was a remarkable woman in life... Latrisha was an awesome mother, sister, daughter, aunt, and friend. Latrisha would help anyone in need, and was always there for anyone who needed her. Latrisha was not the type of woman to knowingly put herself in an abusive relationship. Latrisha's smile and laughter were contagious her presence is very dearly missed. Latrisha has never been in trouble, she was a upstanding citizen, but her murderer has more rights than she does... Simon will live to see another day, he can tell his family how much he loves them, his family can visit him for an hour each week. Latrisha can't crawl out of her grave and visit with her children and family... Where is justice for the families left behind? Please help not only our family, but all the other families that served this kind of injustice for their murdered loved ones... Simon's arraignment is scheduled for March 28, 2008 ... Thank you for your time and consideration...

Christy Pruitt and Family

For more case information, please visit

  Matthew “Mikey” “Bobo” Ramirez 16 Years Old, June 20, 1989 to February 27, 2006

Matthew was born in Chicago the only child of a single mom. From infancy it was obvious food would be a big part of his life (his father was a chef). He was crying as he was given that nasty old bottle of milk when we were eating real food. He loved to spend most of his time with Grandma in the kitchen cooking right along with her. The other half was playing Fireman like Grandpa-the one who named him Mikey after his own middle name.

Mikey did not have a father but he had a mom, grandma, grandpa, and two uncles who all pitched in to make sure that was not a loss to him. He was a happy child and loved animals. When he was almost 6 a stepfather came into the picture, he was the only man he ever called Dad. He treated Mikey like his own son and even after the breakup of our little family, they remained in touch thru walkie talkie phones. Mikey had written a poem to his real father that said he never needed him, what we all had given him in love was enough for him and his stepdad was the only father he needed.

Growing up was all CHICAGO BULLS! My son was lucky to be old enough to be a part of that magic Michael Jordan time. His room was all Bulls and playing b-ball was a love of his. He also loved his music. Some people were amazed at his varied tastes. Of course hip/hop-rap was #1, but he also was into Caruso, Neil Diamond, and classic rock too. He loved video games and his XBOX still sits ready for him to play-it will always be there setup on his family room TV. His neon Homer Simpson light sits overlooking his chair-just waiting for him to play again. He loved to dance and I can still see him doing the “rockaway” all over the house.

Mikey had always wanted siblings and was joyous as thru the years he was blessed that his 2 uncles produced 12 cousins for him. He adored his baby girl cousins. He was always holding and feeding them. He really wanted to be a dad one day. His friends called him brother, they all miss him. The girls especially miss the protection he always offered as a champion of women and those big hugs he would give to comfort them. Big brother, loving son and grandson, cousin, future fireman and chef all gone forever. I miss my “baby” every day and cannot wait to be with him again.

 Matthew was murdered in Chicago 1/2 block from his home.

On Feb. 24, 2006, Matthew was coming home from a friends house 2 blocks away at about 9:30 PM on a Friday night. He was coming in early as he had to work the next day, he was hungry and wanted to eat and go to bed. Little did he know a maroon SUV was cruising our neighborhood with 2 passengers who were shouting gang sayings and chasing down all young males they encountered. They saw him walking down a sidestreet, pulled past him into the alley and parked. Then Christopher Sodero aged 15 at the time got out of the SUV and came around the corner. He came at Matthew who saw the gun and froze. He then took aim and shot him thru the right eye right thru his eyeglass lense. Matthew was rushed to the hospital-his only ambulance ride in his life where he was not a ridealong learning his future job, but a victim. 1 1/2 blocks away and 2 minutes later another man was shot by someone in that same SUV. Matthew remained in a coma for 3 days before he succumbed to his injury. Police had eyewitnesses to the shooting, but the judge chose not to believe them as they were in a gang. Sodero was set free in July 2008, within 2 months he was in a gang altercation on a Sunday morning at 7 am in a neighborhood in which he did not live and killed by a rival gangmember. It was determined by witnesses he was the aggressor in that fight. The police have not apprehended anyone in his murder and do not plan to. JUSTICE SERVED!


 A Legendary Voice of Wisdom Lost

Though not a murder victim in Illinois, still a loss that I take personal perogative as webmaster to post. One of the great authors of all time, the legendary Kurt Vonnegut, visited Illinois shortly before his death. Speaking to librarians gathered at Dominican University in River Forest, Illinois, he gives IllinoisVictims.Org founder, Jennifer Bishop-Jenkins (his devoted fan) a hug.

One of the few writers able to truly articulate loss and the staggering consequences of human violence and criminal behavior, yet with a never-ending ability to make his readers laugh and think at the same time, he was a gift to us all.

His most famous work SlaughterHouse Five was based on his own true story almost being killed in Dresden, Germany during World War II.

We miss you, Kurt. Thank you for your incredible stories - you changed the world.





My name is Theresa Jordan. I am the cousin of Rebecca McEvoy who died at age 11 while awaiting trial in Mobile,Al.

I believe the same problem about the constitution is what is standing in our way. I have contacted my Senators and Federal Congressman as well regarding her case. The law "Crawford Vs' Washington"enforces the 6th amendment right to cross examine and due to her death she cannot be examined.Also, her case was delayed twice while she was alive and for two years they put her case off. Rebecca went through the whole process of med. exams, counseling,police statements and etc. and Crawford says only outcry testimony can be used in her case.

The courts have thrown out her police statements and DHR counseling statements already! There is not much more evidence left to speak for her. Do you know if Crawford is in fact a translation of the Constitution? If so, then yes our constitution needs changes for victim's like Becca. We have ask for Becca to have a law in her honor.









KEVIN CLEWER - Help us solve this crime!kevin clewer

From the website established by the family:
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Help Solve Kevin Clewer's Murder Your help is appreciated... Welcome! This site was created to bring awareness to the still unsolved 2004 murder of Kevin Clewer. Kevin was found by our  father in Kevin's Lakeview Apartment bedroom (stabbed 42 times in the back) after a night out on the Halsted strip in Boystown. Please take some time to view Kevin's site and consider what you can do to help spread this information in hopes of finding the answers. Will you forward the site to a friend? Do you know any details about the last few days of his life or about his murder? Did you see him at Roscoe's or Little Jim's? Will you share these details with the Chicago Police Department or Crimestoppers? Thank you! Ron Clewer Kevin's Brother Watch Nov-2008 episode HERE... Kevin Clewer, Chicago, IL - Murdered March 24, 2004