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Welcome to the Online Bibliography for What to do When the Police Leave:  A Guide to the First Days of Traumatic Loss, a feature unique in publishing.

This is where you will find:

bulletAll the books listed in the printed edition of What to do When the Police Leave complete with the annotations
bulletYou will be able to order these books directly through the secure servers of by clicking on the covers
bulletYou will find additional resources and books listed which have come to our attention since the latest printing
bulletYou will be able to suggest titles that have been directly helpful to you that deserve to be listed here

As the Online Bibliography grows with input from you and others, the additional resources will be included in future printings of the text.  New resources listed here are highlighted in blue.


bulletBooks that we have found helpful
bulletMagazines focusing on the needs of the bereaved
bulletBrochures from recognized organizations
bulletMusic to help heal
bulletSpecialty Distributors of books and materials for the bereaved and caregivers

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Magazines may be ordered by contacting the publisher at the address given.

Bereavement Magazine
Bereavement Publications
5125 N. Union Blvd.
Colorado Springs, CO  80918
(719) 266-0006

A beautiful magazine filled with authoritative articles on grief and inspirational messages of hope.  Also a full line of books and support materials on grief, loss, and bereavement including those by Sue Holtkamp, Ph.D., and Dr. Alan Wolfelt, Ph.D.

MADDvocate Magazine
MADD National Office
511 E. John Carpenter Fwy. Ste. 700
Irving, TX  75062

A magazine full of insight and inspiration, not only for victims and survivors of drunk driving crashes, but also anyone mourning a traumatic loss.   Complimentary copies are sent to advocates and victims of all crimes upon request.


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MADD Brochures

The following is a list of brochures available through Mothers Against Drunk Driving which can be helpful to those suffering other types of traumatic loss as well. Contact the national office or your local chapter for ordering information. Your victim assistance office may also have these in stock.

Also note that the complete text of any MADD brochure may also be read online at their website,

Victim Information Pamphlet (Explains the criminal justice system)
Financial Recovery After a Drunk Driving Crash
Your Grief: You’re Not Going Crazy
Will it Always Feel This Way? (For parents of a child who has been killed)
Helping Children Cope With Death
Straight Talk About Death For Teenagers
We Hurt Too: A Guide for Adult Siblings
Men and Mourning
(A father’s journey through grief)


Parents of Murdered Children (POMC)

Brochures available from POMC are being used by victim assistance programs everywhere to help people deal with the loss of a loved one.  These brochures may be available from your local victim assistance office, or they may be ordered from POMC.  The contact information for POMC is given in the Organizations and Resources section of the Appendix.

Sorrow of Siblings
Inner Grief of Men
Path Through the Criminal Justice System (Spanish and English versions available)
Thanks for Asking (A book of poetry and essays by survivors)


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There is enormous healing power in music.  Whether you just need a song or two to get the tears flowing, or you need to hear the comfort in the lyrics of master songwriter, music has the capacity to reach beyond our rational minds and speak directly to our hearts.  

We are beginning to collect music resources which grieving hearts find comforting.  Please contribute to this list to assist us in this long-neglected medium.  Clicking on the name of the album will take you to for more information or ordering.

Susan Greenbaum - Susan Greenbaum writes and sings intelligent and powerful songs full of grace, beauty, and texture.  Several of her songs are based on personal losses and are profoundly touching to those of us who grieve.

Actual Size -

CD - Private Label.  Order and listen to songs on Susan's website.

Recommended Songs:
One More Angel - This song will speak profoundly to the heart of one who has lost a loved one to homicide.  A touching and beautiful work.


wpe1.jpg (3508 bytes)    Wake Up! - CD - Planetary Records
Recommended Songs:  These  songs will have special meaning to those who mourn the loss of a loved one.
To Be With You
Love Song

Not yet released on disk:  (Listen on Susan's Website)

Everything But You

Or listen on

Bereavement Publications has CD's by Paul Alexander available exclusively through their online catalog.


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Specialty Distributors of Books
and Materials for the bereaved

There are a number of specialty distributors with catalogs of books and materials for the bereaved and their caregivers.  Those below have print and online catalogs.  While some distributors offer books readily available through other sources, some have materials available exclusively from that company.   For this reason, it is recommended that you look at the resources available through each website.


Mentor Books
1015 South Gaylord Street
Denver, CO 80209
Ph: 303-975-1950
Fax: 303-975-1936
A superb online and print catalog dealing with many psychological topics.  Materials related to Hospice Care, Domestic Violence, and various other issues are available.

In-Sight Books
P.O. Bo 42467
Oklahoma City, OK  73123

Distributors of books and materials especially useful to clergy and funeral homes.  Many fine resources for  bereaved families and those dealing with many of the difficult issues of life.  Primarily books by Doug Manning, experienced counselor and author who pioneered some of the areas of support now widespread in our society today.

Compassion Books
477 Hannah Branch Road
Burnsville, NC  28714

Their mission statement says it all:  "Over 400 of   the best resources available  help children and adults through serious illness, death, loss, grief and bereavement. Reviewed and selected by seasoned professionals."
Bereavement Publications
5125 N. Union Blvd.
Colorado Springs, CO  80918
(719) 266-0006
Carries a full line of quality books, videos,
and tapes by a wide variety of well-respected
and authorities in the field of grief and
bereavement.  Their website is a full-featured
and valuable resource.
Grief Recovery Online


No print catalog, but their website is quite extraordinary and has one of the most comprehensive listings of books and materials
for the bereaved.  This link will take you directly to books and resources.  Be sure to check out the homepage at also.


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