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 About the Book

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What to do When the Police Leave:
A Guide to the First Days of Traumatic Loss


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About the Book:

bookcoversm.JPG (39902 bytes)What to do When the Police Leave is one father's response to the need for a frank, honest, and practical book for helping grieving families through the first days of the sudden loss of a loved one or family member. It is rapidly becoming an essential tool for victim support and service organizations, clergy, funeral directors, police departments, and health professionals who do death notifications or work with newly bereaved families. It is filled with information the family needs to make good, healthy decisions in the first days and weeks of their loss, and in the months and years to come.

Included in the new and expanded third edition are chapters on victim service programs, a checklist of immediate issues and needs, an introduction to grief and its effects, how to talk to children about death, planning a funeral on short notice, an introduction to the criminal justice system, a new chapter on long-term grief, and an annotated bibliography and list of organizations and resources including those found on the Internet. Scattered throughout the book are inspirational and helpful poems and writings from others who have suffered the death of a loved one.  Click HERE for Table of Contents and Excerpts.

Above all, this book helps the reader understand that they are not alone, they will survive this ordeal, and there are things which they can do which will smooth the way for them a bit and which will help them avoid later regrets.

About the Author:

  Bill Jenkins works and teaches in the Theatre Arts Program  at Dominican University in Chicago, Illinois. Since the tragic shooting death of his son in August, 1997 he has become active in victim support and rights. He was awarded the Edith Surgan Victim Activist of the Year Award in 2006 by the National Organization of Victim Assistance.  He continues to offer workshops and training programs for police, funeral homes, and victim advocates around the country.

About the Victim:

wmbwsmil.JPG (48873 bytes)William Benjamin Jenkins was sixteen years old when he started work  at a local fast food restaurant. On his second night at work, as he was helping close the restaurant, a gunman ambushed him as he was leaving. After forcing William to get the manager to open the back door, the gunman shot William through the neck before robbing the manager and emptying the safe. William died instantly. The man and his two female accomplices were captured within minutes. All three received lengthy prison terms for robbery and murder.

William was intelligent, artistic, musically inclined, and was a kind young man who was a friend to all. His absence is a constant and painful reminder of how far our society has yet to go in creating a world in which we can all live in peace and hope.

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