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Selections of Poetry and Writings
by William Jenkins


Where I Can Love You

I dialed the number on my phone
Someone picked-up and a sweet voice said “Hello”
Just hearing your voice put me in a world all my own

Where I can Love you,
Hold you close
Where I can Love you,
Run my fingers through your hair
Where I can Love you,
Tell you that you are what I miss the most
Where I can Love you,
Show you all the tender things we use to share

We talked on through the night
Brought forgotten memories to light
Thinking of old times I drifted off to a place that I won the fight

Where I can Love you,
Hold you close
Where I can Love you,
Run my fingers through your hair
Where I can Love you,
Tell you that you are what I miss the most
Where I can Love you,
Show you all the tender things we use to share

Before I knew it you were saying your good-byes
Now I’m hanging-up the phone
Sitting here and wondering why
Again I go where I’m never alone

Where I can Love you,
Hold you close
Where I can Love you,
Run my fingers through your hair
Where I can Love you,
Tell you that you are what I miss the most
Where I can Love you,
Show you all the tender things we use to share

Where I can Love you,
Where you Love me!


Tour of a Broken Heart

An empty house,
the people all gone,
left forever,
only one remains
He sits alone,
his world in ruins,
nothing left to do ,
nothing more of him now
A life time of pain,
dead but still breathing,
his body but a hollow shell,
a repository for the past
Music plays in his ear,
a photo in his hands,
tears on his face,
a different tune in his mind
Turn the lights off,
he won’t notice,
blind? not at all,
merely lost to this world
How did it happen?
hmmmm... that’s the question isn’t it,
when she left,
so did he
The children?
they never got that far,
trying’s the closest they came,
but it was not their fault
yes, once upon a time,
even joyous for a while,
everything was good ‘til the end
So why?
I guess just because,
because she did not Love him
or at least not the way he Loved her
How long?
well, not long enough,
it’s been years for you and I,
moments for him
You think I’m lying?
look at the pain on his face,
look into his haunted eyes,
tell me what you see

only lost
Will you help him find it again?
we both hope so


And We Are All Idiots

I know nothing of good or evil or the reason behind the horrors of man
I know little of a god or what scripture or interpretation is truth
One will say that to be a true believer and lover of the lord is to hate your fellow man for the simple pigment of their flesh
Many will say hell waits for those who do not redeem themselves, yet they should beg for redemption themselves
No one race is superior and no one belief is the way to salvation
How are we to judge which god to believe when so many from such "denominations" preach words of hate supposedly derived from "the holy book"
Who are we to judge who will be slaves and who will be kings when the actions of so many reflect so many fools?


An Essay on Intolerance
Written in the Summer of 1997

- When I was young I was very shy and passive. I had a few close friends, and that was it. I used to get into fights a lot, because I was smart, and I didn't mind letting people know it. I learned quickly to stay away from people who liked to pick on smaller people. However, my best friend was small in stature and white, and lived in the middle of a neighborhood of aggressive black teenagers. As you can imagine, I got into quite a few scuffles, none provoked by me. I don't know why people do it either; maybe people don't care about anything but hating different colored or differently dressing people. Or maybe people just don't have anything better to do.

- I personally don't consider myself prejudiced to any group of people except those people who mess with me when I've done absolutely nothing to them. Those are people who abuse the right not to be discriminated against by most people. I am a person who trusts everybody until given a reason not, and with that group, I've been given way too many reasons.

- Being oppressed by a certain group doesn't have to lead to being prejudiced against them, although it might affect your feelings. Over the years, I've learned to be very sparing with my trust. To earn my trust now, a person must be like a very close associate. However, I will show temporary trust to a person I've just met. Until they do me wrong, you know? I don't appreciate them being inconsiderate to me after this.

- I have had the experience of some individuals reacting with prejudice to me in Tennessee because they judged me on the basis of my appearance, having long hair. They might try to start a fight or beat me up. I deal with this in different ways. I don't hate anybody, but I prefer not to be around certain people in certain places because I know then they don't want me there, and they know I know (but I think they prefer to show me). I've totally given up fighting unless it is absolutely necessary nowadays, though. I've become a lot more diplomatic and mature about such matters. I try to resolve all of my little disputes now without violence. On the other hand, I try not to get into any disputes at all now, as long as it can be avoided.

- When I moved to Tennessee, at first the local police judged me in a discriminatory way because of my long hair. They would pull over and question me any time I was just walking around town, and treated me with suspicion because of my appearance. This prejudice made me angry, and for a while, I was angry with all the police as a group. Their prejudice caused me to start becoming prejudiced towards them.

- However, I think it is possible to get control of your anger and not let prejudice create more prejudice. I like to live life with as little negativity as possible. Life is way too short to be wasted on petty disputes. It should be spent doing what is needed to be done, such as education, fun, jobs, and other things that take priority. I don't think that I personally have time in my life for prejudice and discrimination. I don't know about anyone else, but me personally, it just does not make my day.

- In a life like the one I live, a person who discriminates extensively against other people does not have my backing or respect. Thank you very much.

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