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ED NOTE: Since IllinoisVictims.Org, beginning in 2009, is now governed by a Board of Directors, with By Laws, and is now a statewide organization devoted only to advancing victims rights and concerns in Illinois, this page's previous content has now been archived and will be replaced by new issues of the new organization members and leaders.

We invite any victim or victim advocate to send suggestions for this page of what Criminal Justice and Victims Rights related reforms that we should be supporting. Examples of the kinds of reforms we support in principle include:
bulletadvancing the enforceability of victims rights
bulletprograms that allow prisoners to work to make restitution to their victims
bulletbetter programs in prisons to address offender accountability to their victims, since most offenders are one day released back into society
bulletinnocence protections for the wrongfully accused and wrongfully convicted


Here is a good example of a PROCESS bill that is good for everyone - it does not push one kind of prison or sentencing reform, or another, but it opens up the COST transparency of all related prison issues to the taxpaying public. Congratulations, Senator Kwame Raoul!,0,5179811.story