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What the Experts Are Saying

    Since the first edition of What to do When the Police Leave was published in 1998, the response from bereaved family members and the professional caregivers who work with them has been overwhelmingly positive.  Following is a representative sample of some of the things people are saying:

Sue Holtkamp of Something More Center for Loss and Transition in Chattanooga, TN, and author of Grieving With Hope:

"What to do When the Police Leave is a much needed resource for those who are confronted with the traumatic loss of their loved one. With sensible advice and compassionate concern Bill Jenkins offers valuable insights for the secondary victims of crime. This book should be available to every family who must deal with the consequences of violent crime in America."

Pat Holt, former book reviewer for the San Francisco Chronicle and now publisher of Holt Uncensored, an online column dealing with the concerns of the independent booksellers, writes on Tuesday, November 30, 1999:

"Jenkins is not the best writer in the world, but he may be one of the wisest.  He not only begins where the reader begins, with news more horrible than anything ever contemplated; he keeps our eye boldly focused on finding a 'transforming resolution.'  ... It is of course a sad comment on American life that a book like this is 'popular' ... [b]ut what a relief to know that when something like this is needed, Jenkins is the guy who wrote it."

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Jean Lewis, National President of The National Organization of Parents of Murdered Children:

"I commend you on your worthy resource. … It’s a needed and invaluable source of practical, insightful information for both survivors of homicide victims and the professionals who work with them. I would like to see every newly bereaved family receive one as the notifying officer leaves the home."

Trudy Weathersby, guide for Death and Dying:

"What to do When the Police Leave is truly a one of a kind offering that should be available through any victim's rights group or law enforcement agency.  It fills the need of practicality with compassion for anyone experiencing a loss through a murder, suicide, accidental death, or any other type of traumatic death."

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Pastor David Miller of West Richmond Church of the Brethren:

" The direct style and approach of the book seem to cut through a lot of the myth and murkiness that must surround traumatic loss. I find it also offers helpful guidelines for caregivers who desire to be responsibly attentive to the victims of traumatic loss."

Bob Wallace, P.I.O. in Chief of Police Magazine, Nov./Dec. 1999:

"Bill Jenkins has provided us with a blueprint, which can help survivors rebuild their lives.  Only someone who has experienced a personal tragedy could be so effective in providing this kind of support and guidance to survivors. ... Reading What to do When the Police Leave, can give the help you need to carry on, when there is no other place to turn."

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Pastor Richard A. Olson, Ed.D. of First English Evangelical Lutheran Church in Richmond, Virginia:

"This should be on every grief reference list and in the hands of those who need it on the front lines. As you know, I could have used it here with the trauma of suicide and the drowning of a young man in our parish. … I shall say to others: ‘Here is a resource for our troubled times: A Guide to the First Days of Traumatic Loss. God help us! Violence, suicide, accidents are coming too much, too soon. We need help and here is a book written by victims fully informed with the excellent contacts and activities that have helped them survive their ordeal. Buy it!’"

Doug Manning, author of Don't Take My Grief Away From Me:

"This book fills a much-needed void in the resources available to grieving families.  Our company has received many requests over the years for just such a book."

On the Editorial Page of the Carroll County Times, October, 2, 1999 following a feature article on the author:

"Jenkins' courage and vision in writing the book can be of help to the many people who will face the unexpected loss of a loved one."

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Jerry Pearce, KMPH-FM, The Radio Detective stated at the end of a recent interview with the author:

"You never know when a friend or loved one is going to need this book to pull them through." and,

"Your book 'What to do When the Police Leave' is something that is sorely needed by thousands of persons who have had to endure the experience of losing a loved one.  It is also essential reading by others in order that they have some idea of what a family truly goes through when crime strikes."

Devlin Donaldson of CBA Marketplace writes:

"Jenkins' book was born out of personal pain from his son's murder.  Rather than recount this story, however, he distills the principles and guidelines he learned about surviving the ordeal -- lessons from harsh experience and his support group's help.  

Though his experience was intensely emotional, his book is compassionately dispassionate -- like an emergency-room doctor.  Yet his controlled delivery offers comfort for the most difficult times.  This book's audience is far greater than most would expect.  It's a fine resource for anyone affected by violent crime -- health-care workers as well as victims' family and friends."

A bereaved mother recently commented:

"I highlighted something on nearly every page."

A New York State Police Officer commented by e-mail:

"Outstanding and informative..."

And perhaps the most telling recommendation of all, victim assistance programs, police departments, clergy, and funeral homes across the United States and Canada have been buying bulk copies for distribution to the newly bereaved families that they work with daily.

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