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Training Opportunities for Your Group or Organization

Bill Jenkins is available to speak to your group or organization. 

Bill Jenkins is now a consultant with the Office Of Victims of Crime's Training and Technical Assistance Center (TTAC).  Organizations presenting training for those involved in victim assistance may request a grant covering expenses for TTAC Consultants. 

Contact  for more information. 

TTAC can also help you find consultants and speakers in many areas of expertise for your programming.

Program Topics Available -

General Interest

Keynote addresses on victim and survivor-related issues and victim rights

Inspirational messages for church, community, and youth groups on surviving trauma and tragedy

The following prepared 1 1/2 to 3 hour long workshops and trainings are available. 

bulletA Victim's Perspective On Death Notifications (Developed originally for the Virginia Institute of Forensic Science and Medicine)

An invaluable look at how victims receive a death notification, how they typically respond, how to minimize the trauma, and instruction on accepted and recommended practices in doing death notifications.  Our most requested workshop.

bulletHomicide's Aftermath:  Long-Term Needs of Victims and Families  (First presented to the National Organization of Victim Assistance conference)

A frank and honest look at the long-term needs of victims and families following a homicide.  Lots of invaluable information here for victim advocates, clergy, and long-term caregivers.

bulletWhat to Do When the Police Leave:  Immediate Needs of Families Following a Traumatic Loss (Developed originally for the Virginia Institute of Forensic Science and Medicine)

Based on the first and vital chapter of Jenkins' book, this workshop looks at the immediate needs of families following traumatic loss.  It is an essential workshop for those working with families in the period immediately following a death notification:  hospital caregivers, mental health professionals, victim advocates, chaplains and clergy, and law enforcement.

bulletLong-Term Grief:  Living the Marathon

A program designed for victims and their families dealing with the natural progressions of the grief process and the changes that take place in our grief and in us as we move beyond our loss.

bulletDeath Notification Training for Police, Funeral Directors, and Emergency Medical Personnel

Concise, informative, and honest death notification training for those in law enforcement and related fields.  Doing death notifications is one of the most neglected yet most important topics  in the field today.  The goal is for death notifications to be done with sensitivity and minimal trauma to the family -- Victim sensitive death notifications.

bulletInvesting in the Future:  The Importance of Early Intervention to Prevent Crime  (Developed using materials provided by Fight Crime:  Invest in Kids)

For civic groups and legislators, statistics show that crime can be effectively reduced with early intervention and applying resources to constructive activities for the young rather than waiting to prosecute and incarcerate them as adult criminals.  This presentation deals with the advantages of working with youth intervention programs as an alternative to building more prisons to warehouse adult offenders.

bulletWhat Defense Attorneys Should Know About Homicide Victims  (First presented to the Indiana Public Defenders Council)

Defense attorneys are often at a loss as to how to be sensitive to the victim's family in the courtroom.  At times the trauma on the victim's family is unintentionally increased by the defense during the course of a trial.  What is the duty of the defense attorney to the family?  How can the defense minimize the trauma to the family during the course of the trial?  These and other difficult questions are addressed in this important presentation.

bulletPublishing Our Stories:  Writing and Publishing in the Wake of Loss

Many victims turn to writing after traumatization and many want to publish a book, yet many professional avenues are closed to them.  What is possible?  What is publishable?  What is therapeutic?  Speaking as a successful self-published author, Bill Jenkins shares the importance of writing, and the potential for publication when one has a story to tell.

bulletOther program topics may be developed by request

All programs include:

bulletPowerPoint presentation with visuals and coordinated lecture or discussion format
bulletBook signing by the author for books purchased by participants. 
bulletAll workshops include extensive handouts and resources for future reference. 
bulletWorkshop outlines and objectives are available for sponsoring organization to apply for continuing education credits.

Programs are suitable for:

bulletPolice Officer Training/Police Academies
bulletEMT's and Emergency Responders
bulletFuneral Home directors and staff
bulletVictim Advocates
bulletVictims of traumatic loss and their families
bulletSchools, churches, youth, and community groups

Arrangements and Terms

Travel to and from venue by reasonable means from Chicago, IL

Overnight lodging, if necessary

Honoraria and fees are negotiable.  For larger organizations, an honorarium may be waived if a quantity of book sales can be guaranteed

A Sample of Groups Served

bulletNational Organization of Victim Assistance Conference (since 2000)
bulletParents of Murdered Children national and local conferences
bulletMillion Mom March
bulletCoalition to Stop Gun Violence
bulletMinnesota Center for Crime Victim Services
bulletNorth Carolina Crime Victims Network
bulletIndiana Public Defenders Council
bulletMurder Victims Families for Reconciliation
bulletVirginia Institute of Forensic Science and Medicine
bulletVirginians Against Handgun Violence
bulletThe Compassionate Friends
bulletVirginia Department of Criminal Justice Services
bulletGovernor's Speakers Bureau - Virginia
bulletBrook's Funeral Home - South Boston, VA
bulletFight Crime:  Invest in Kids
bulletSurvivors of Homicide, CT
bulletSouth Carolina Victim Assistance Network

Contact Information -

Bill Jenkins
C/O WBJ Press
315 Lockwood Ave.
Northfield, IL  60093

Phone:  (847) - 331-2703

E-mail us with your inquiry: 


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